Fair Trade has become a popular term over the past few years, but many people still don’t understand what it means. Our company is built on fair trade, and the values of enriching both you our customers, and the people we work with, and  wanted to take a moment to talk about what fair trade means and why it’s important to us and to the global community.

What is Fair Trade? It’s really a simple concept that has a huge impact on the lives of the people who make your products. Fair Trade is a trading partnership that is based on dialogue, transparency and respect. Fair Trade companies promise to pay fair wages to the people who make their products, who are typically marginalized workers in developing countries. This guarantees that the people who are making your products are treated fairly.

At Babiroo all of our products are made at a Certified Fair Trade Facility in Egypt. We believe in clean, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as dignity and respect for all workers.  The people that manufacture our products are promised safe, clean and healthy working conditions. In addition, our workers are also provided with health care, on site daycare and education for their children as well as daily organic meals that are grown right there on the farm.

Buying products from fair trade companies ensures that the people who make your products are being treated fairly, but it also means that you receive higher quality products that are better for the environment.

Choosing to buy fair trade is one simple way to make the world a little better.

Look at some of our fair trade best sellers

!, Baby Gown and Beanie Hat Gift Set 

2. Teething toy 

3. Bunny Friend 

4. Swaddle Blankets 

5. Play mat/Quilt