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Do you know where your clothes are made?

Do you know where your clothes are made?

Today we are faced with more dangers that are silent to the majority of us.

I am talking about our clothing and more importantly our children's and babie's

Do you know where your clothes are made and can you be 100% certain that they are not harming our loved ones ?

The answer is more likely to be NO!!!!

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  • I Get it! Why Organic?

GUEST BLOG: I Get it! Why Organic?

I Get it! Why Organic?

We met Babiroo's founder Michelle at a service station when Coraline was a small baby, sat on neighbouring tables in a coffee shop. 

Michelle told us she was about to launch her business of organic baby clothing and accessories. 

Kevin, my partner at the time, now husband, loved what she was doing as he loves everything organic.

I get it why Organic?

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  • Can our clothing cause cancer ?

Can our clothing cause cancer ?

Can our clothing cause cancer ?

Most of us put a lot of thought into eating healthy food and breathing clean air, but we don't worry about healthy clothing. It's a chilling thought but the shirt you're wearing right now contains over 8000 deadly chemicals.

But it's something you should take notice of since cancer-causing chemicals are found throughout most of the fabrics we buy and wear.

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When to give your Newborn Baby its First Bath.

In most hospitals, newborns are washed soon after birth, but there are lots of reasons why you may want to wait.

The World Health Organisation suggests waiting at least 24 hours before giving your new baby their first bath. Many studies have shown that babies need this time to adjust to their environment and learn how to perform certain bodily function - like regulating their temperature. Giving your baby a bath too soon can disrupt this natural process.

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  • Baby Bonding - Why is baby bonding with mother or father important?

Baby Bonding - Why is baby bonding with mother or father important?

Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between parents and their baby. It makes parents want to shower their baby with love and affection and to protect and care for their little one. Bonding gets parents up in the middle of the night to feed their hungry baby and makes them attentive to the baby's wide range of cries.

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  • Why we should sing to our babies.

Why we should sing to our babies.

Why we should sing to our babies. From lullabies to live concerts: How music and rhythm shape our social brains and sooth baby and mum.

A universal sign of motherhood is the lullaby. The world over, mothers sing to their babies, whether Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, their favourite song from the radio, or even random notes. This universality makes the simple lullaby a great window into the human mind. In a new study, cognitive neuroscientists found that lullabies soothe both mums and babies simultaneously, while play songs increase babies' attention and displays of positive emotion toward their mothers.

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